Mighty Pocket is a team of professionals who believe in the power of beauty and in the power of mobile technologies. As a result, we create beautiful and powerful mobile apps for Android and iPhone which people can always take out of their Mighty Pocket.

And our apps are top-notch. What’s our secret? It’s love, Skipper. We make them with love.

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  1. Raynell says:

    How can I add an item to the list of options on the groshery list? I can add an
    Item but it will not be on the master list/options for next time.

    • Alex says:


      Thank you for the question. I assume that you asked about the list of items which you can search through after clicking the green “Add” button.

      As of today, items become searchable once they are in Favorites or in History. The easiest way to add an item to Favorites is clicking on “>” button to open Edit Item activity and then click star icon. Orange color indicates that item has been added to Favorites and will be searchable. The other option is to check all your items in your shopping list, click “Checkout”. This will instantly add items to History and they will be available for search.

      In the following releases we plan to search through all items in shopping lists with an option to make item non-searchable.


  2. Taylor Freeman says:

    Hi the screen capture is not working I opened it located the sdk file android-sdk-windows because i saved it on the desktop so i did Desktop ——–> android-sdk-windows folder it open the folder i hit open then ok then and droid popped up My phone is connected usb debugging is on whats the problem


  3. Crystal says:

    It says you make apple apps also but I don’t see any? I am interested in your grocery app.

    • Alex says:

      Crystal, thanks for your question. We are working on the iOS version and I hope it will be available eventually.

      Thanks and please let me know if you have any further questions.

  4. Renato Purcino says:

    It says you make apple apps also but I don’t see any?

    I am interested in your grocery app.


    • Alex says:

      Renato, unfortunately iOS version of Mighty Grocery is still work in progress. Keep your eye on our website to see when it becomes available.

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