Mighty Grocery Shopping List Beta 9 – Lite & Full

Enjoy Full version $1.99 Christmas offer!
Next price increase on December 26th.

Oh, what a release for you tonight. Tons of great new features.

  1. List-specific Favorites. Shopping lists get a setting to configure individual set of favorites. Also, if favorites aisles were not customized, aisle configuration from parent shopping list will be used.
  2. Master Lists will group several shopping sub-lists and will allow browsing/shopping of all needed items from a single listing.
  3. Address item in several lists. If item is addressed in a master list, it will be displayed in master list and in every sublist if a sublist is browsed individually.
  4. Recipes to allow quick access to items you may need for your favorite meal. Full version only. Lite version to allow 1 recipe for demo.
  5. SMS Share shopping lists, favorites, and recipes. Also may send via Twitter, Facebook, and other apps which support sending text.
  6. Configurable tabs. This feature allows show/hide tabs from the Tab Bar on top of the screen. Long-click on Tab Bar to quickly navigate to any page. Full version only.
  7. New Help page to contain features from More page like Videos, User’s Guide, etc. to make easier access to help information. More page to contain extra features, hidden from Tab Bar.
  8. Honest Discounts card built in the app. Free and ready to use. With this discount card you may save 10-75% off your prescriptions. Accepted by over 54K pharmacies in U.S.
  9. No Ads setting in Menu –> Settings. Full version only.
  10. Other improvements of performance and reliability.

Look forward to hearing your comments.

Your Mighty Pocket Team.

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