Mighty Grocery Shopping List Beta 8 – Lite & Full

Great news! Finally, there is one more reason to upgrade to Full version of Mighty Grocery Shopping List. Please welcome the Barcode Scan Feature!

As we roll out the Beta 8 update, the price for the Full version is increased up to $1.99. Similar increase is going to happen as we deliver Backup and List Sharing features. So if you missed the Early Full Version offer, you still have a chance to save on buying Mighty Grocery Full.

Speaking of the new Beta 8 release, besides the Barcode feature for Full version, there is something for Lite version as well. Check this out!

  1. Barcode Scan (Full Version only). Shortly: add item to shopping list by scanning barcode with the Barcode button which is available on the Sidebar. Long-press Barcode button to place it on Toolbar for easy access. Barcode is searched in the largest available online catalog of 1.3 million products plus products published by Mighty Grocery users. If there is no match for the scanned barcode, you can save product details locally in your app for future use. Also, you can publish new or changed product details so that other users would find the product after the suggestion is reviewed. Scan barcode on Edit Item Details screen to change product assigned to an item. Review all scanned barcodes at More –> Barcode Scans. More details available in Mighty Grocery Shopping List Guide: Barcode Scan.
  2. Save item changes to Pick list. We’ve got lots of requests from people asking to store price and quantity into Pick list for later use. And now this is available for Lite & Full versions.  During upgrade to Beta 8, the Pick list will be populated with existing data from Shopping Lists and Favorites (not from History). Later on, as you go shopping and update price/quantity, the changes will propagate to Pick list for future use.
  3. Pull data from Pick list — if item is added to shopping list by tapping Add button or by voice recognition, the data from Pick list will be pulled to the newly created item if match is found.

Looking forward to hearing your comments.

Your Mighty Pocket Team.

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7 Responses to Mighty Grocery Shopping List Beta 8 – Lite & Full

  1. Steve says:

    Really looking forward to having ability to share list(s) among family members.

  2. sheila says:

    why not make entry via linked website possible? I make lists in my kitchen..next to the computer..which is much easier than entering on the phone.

  3. Tom says:

    Hi, I also would like to have the possibility to adjust the font size in the shopping list.

    • Alex says:

      Hi Tom, thank you for your suggestion.

      Font size adjustments are going to be a part of Themes features planned for the year 2011. Hopefully, some font adjustments may be available earlier then the whole Themes feature as we see rising demand for this.

      Thanks again!

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