Mighty Grocery Shopping List Beta 7 – Lite & Full

Hello everybody! Before listing the of the latest release, let us start with a tiny announcement.

$0.99 offer for Full Version ends on November 19.
Barcode Scan feature arriving soon.

As to the latest maintenance release for Mighty Grocery shopping list Lite and Full, the changes include:

  1. Better currency support. Allow to override locale settings by currency format pattern such as “$ %” or “% €” in Menu –> Settings –> Currency formatting. “%” is a placeholder for an actual amount.
  2. Save scroll position in shopping list. This allows to stay on the same item/aisle when rotating the phone on purpose or by accident.
  3. Replaced stars images on favorite list to be independent from phone’s design theme.
  4. Minor fix on Aisles UI: Any list, Drag/drop of multiline aisles, faster deleting of custom aisles
  5. Bugfix for adding over 10 items in details mode.

Looking forward to hearing your comments.

Your Mighty Pocket Team.

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2 Responses to Mighty Grocery Shopping List Beta 7 – Lite & Full

  1. Terrence Clancy says:

    Just purchased your product and have been wondering what the trick is to get the scanner to work? I looked in the manual but didn’t find anything could you give me a little direction?


    Terry Clancy

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