Mighty Grocery Shopping List now in Beta!

Please welcome the Beta release of Mighty Grocery Shopping List. What does a change from “Preview” to “Beta” means? Two things. First, we have accomplished all major features for the first stable release. Second, the shopping list app looks very stable and we are about to ship the official release 1.0.

So, what’s new in the new Beta release of Mighty Grocery Shopping List 0.9?

  1. Aisles. Mmmm. Now you can organize aisles in your shopping lists according to your tastes and/or store layouts. You may have different aisles configurations for different shopping lists. And you can change aisles name to the wording you like in shopping lists. Also you can change aisles order to match your store configuration during for improved shopping with Mighty Grocery list.
  2. Pick. Convenient catalog of products grouped by aisles. Click on aisle to see all items inside of it. Click on a product to add it to a shopping list. Yep, it’s that easy!
  3. Search across all items. If you like adding items to shopping list using search and type, you will enjoy this feature. It posts shopping list items into product search catalog which makes them immediately available for your next searches.
  4. New command icons. Shopping list and home screen get enhanced command buttons so you could enjoy even better design.
  5. Availability for Android 1.6. We initially did not plan to adopt Mighty Grocery Shopping List to Android OS versions prior to 2.1 due to a voice recognition feature we love so much. Nevertheless in the moment of curiosity, we ran our shopping list unit tests against Android 1.6 and they were all green except for the voice feature. So we decided to add Android 1.6 to the list of versions supported by our shopping list. We believe there are enough great shopping list features in Mighty Grocery besides awesome voice recognition.

For the list of the previously delivered features please visit Mighty Grocery Preview v0.6: Android shopping list gets better and better. For product documentation please visit Mighty Grocery Shopping List Guide.

The application is available on Android Market starting October 10th, 2010.

Shopping List Mighty Grocery QR Code

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8 Responses to Mighty Grocery Shopping List now in Beta!

  1. Sebastián Porta says:

    I finally downloaded Mighty Grocery from the Market in Argentina (thank you, Alex) and I must say that the app it’s fantastic. It got a wonderful set of features and I was even able to enter products in Spanish (although I have to use “and” instead of “y” as a separator, not big deal).
    I have some suggestions for the app:
    *Would be nice if you can see the total price of the list when you press checkout (like a bill or invoice) that it’s clear when you quit the app. I know you can see this in history but I think it could be useful if you add this.
    *Would be useful to have buttons to increase or decrease the quantities of a product.
    *Widgets. I have two in mind: One with a list selected by the user that could be scrollable, and another one that could be the app icon with a bubble with the quantity of items you have to buy of a selected list (like this Gmail Unread Count widget http://www.appbrain.com/app/gmail-unread-count/se.alexanderblom.gmailunreadcount#).
    I think that’s all :)
    Keep up the good work!
    Thank you very much.

    • Alex says:

      Seba, I really appreciate your feedback. It’s been a pleasure to know that the app became available in Argentina.

      Thank you for your suggestions! At the moment I may say that we will implement more visible total amount on checkout (BTW there is a total amount in the bottom of a shopping list, so in a mean time you may want to look at that) and will be adding increase/decrease buttons on a sidebar of Edit Item.

      As to widgets, we will probably think of them a bit later, as we have a couple more aces in our pocket which I hope you will enjoy pretty soon.

      Thanks again and it will be nice to here from you again!


  2. Frank Castle says:

    I’m looking forward to the addition of a control to add quantities as well – that will be a very nice improvement on what is already a nice app with a lot of features and power. However, I have an LG Ally and the app does not seem to work in landscape mode, which makes using the keyboard somewhat difficult (I prefer adding items via keyboard rather than voice). Am I missing a setting somewhere that enables landscape rotation?


    • Alex says:

      Frank, thanks for the feedback!

      We are adding quantity controls right now for a new release. But I have to say that obvious solution with +/- makes Edit screen look like an aircraft dashboard. Do you think that swiping (touching and moving) quantity up/down thus increasing/decreasing will work for you?

      As to landscape mode, there is no way it can be activated in the current version. Though this will be fixed for the next release expected this week.

      Thanks again!

  3. Greg says:

    This is great! I have looked at many other apps like this and this one so far is at the TOP!

    I would really like to see a taxable option added to the items list. The ability to enter a tax percentage and to mark an item taxable, and have that tax calculated at the time of check out. This would put this app over the moon for me.

    Also maybe in the future a way to export the history to a csv file. That would allow one to examine the pricing changes over time.

    In any case I plan to use this app for all my shopping trips!

  4. Ida says:

    Excellent app with great potential – also good to be able to see, what plans you have for the app in the future. For me, an in-built pantry manager would be a major bonus.

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