Mighty Grocery Shopping List Beta 4 – Lite & Full

Howdy, shoppers! We are excited to bring to life the Early Full version of our favorite shopping list application Mighty Grocery. We call it Early Full version because of two things.

First of all, the Early Full version of Mighty Grocery shopping list offers the very same features as Lite version. Except for “LITE” label on icon, home screen, and More tab which are missing in Full  version. Moreover, Lite version does not limit anything like item count or shopping list count. We want people could enjoy lots of features and free of charge at the same time.

The second thing is we offer shopping list’s Early Full version for $0.99, the lowest price which Android Market allows for an App. As we move forward and add features like barcode scan or list sharing to the Full version, the price will be increasing accordingly.

To sum up, if you feel like you may want upcoming Full version features or you would like to show developers some love, it’s a good time to get your own copy of Mighty Grocery Full from Android Market.

Speaking of the latest Beta 4 release, here are some highlights for the release:

  1. Data migration from Lite to Full. When Full version of Mighty Grocery shopping list is launched for the first time, it will check if Lite version is there on the handset. If it happens that existing Lite is Beta 4 and later, you will be offered to import all your data from the existing App. If you choose yes, all your data and settings will be copied to the Full version of shopping list.
  2. More tab. The new More tabs allows quick access to videos, User’s Guide, What’s new, the list of the upcoming features, and more.
  3. Design changes. Lite version now gets a yellow badge showing “LITE” on icon, home screen, and More tab. Full version is free of any badges for your viewing pleasure.

Feel free to get you own copy of Mighty Grocery shopping list either you prefer free Lite version or reasonably priced Full version.

Friendly note: Android Market allows full refund within 24 hours of purchase.

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