Mighty Grocery Shopping List Beta 2

We just could not help adding some more sweet features in the free version of Mighty Grocery before the official release of our shopping list app. Please welcome Mighty Grocery Shopping List Beta 2!

Besides some minor fixes in shopping list you will find the following features in this Mighty Grocery Beta 2:

  1. Fling Home Screen Buttons. Ever wanted to customize home screen buttons to your taste to get to your shopping list in one click? Now you can. Just touch a button and move it right or left. It will get changed with another button.
  2. Add items directly to Pick list. On the pick list clicking a button which looks like a gear will open “My picks” tab which allows adding custom items directly to pick list. Earlier it was only possible to add items through a shopping list or favorites.
  3. Shopping list Edit Mode. On the side bar there is a button which looks like a lightning. When clicked it activates shopping list Edit Mode which allows quickly increase/decrease quantities or delete items from shopping list by flinging them.
  4. Increase/Decrease quantities is available in shopping list Edit Mode and on Edit Item tab.
  5. Seamless editing. Imagine you have “Apppples” on Favorites list. When you click it, the item is instantly created on the current shopping list. Now you noticed there’s something wrong with that item. Oh, boy. It’s misspelled. Seamless editing means that changing shopping list item name, quantity, price, aisle will instantly propagate to all items with the same name in all shopping lists and Favorites (except for History). So changing “Apppples” to Apples either in Favorites or in shopping list will now update both records. Should you want to change items independently — just click the link button (top-left corner) on Edit Item tab.

Feel free to grab your copy of our shopping list on the Market and let us know what you think of Mighty Grocery any time.

Shopping List Mighty Grocery QR Code

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