Android gone shopping with Mighty Grocery list

As we promised last week, today we have published our favorite app to Android Market. Please welcome Mighty Grocery! Mighty Grocery is an Android shopping list which utilizes some awesome features of Android platform.

Why do we say that it’s our favorite app? Because it has some features we could not find in other apps.

For instance, not only it would understand item name as you say it aloud. It will also understand when you say “two pounds of apples” or “three hundred grams of cheese“. And if you feel like real shopping, you may add several items by separating them with “and” like “peaches and strawberries”. Ah, one more trick. Mighty Grocery can recognize when you say item unit price in dollars like “five hundred grams tomatoes five dollars twelve cents”. Please note, that in this case Mighty Grocery considers $5.12 as price per a kilo, so you will see the actual cost of a half of a kilo in your shopping list.

Another feature to fall in love with is undo. Mighty Grocery is capable of undoing any action that you do inside the app. Either that click was an accident or you just changed your mind or you just decided to try “Delete All” feature — Mighty Grocery will be there when you need to undo. The command is available in options menu on shopping list screens.

Check out these and other cool features which Mighty Grocery has to offer at Android Market. Also you may want to have a look at our Mighty Grocery Guide.

Enjoy our new app and feel free to drop us your feedback.

Your Mighty Pocket Team.

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